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The Tour - Day 5

14 July

Hunting Lodge, Palace or City
c'est extraordinaire

On this day my daughter and I checked off another bucket list item - we visited Versailles. With a 30-ish minute train ride to Versailles Château followed by a short walk, we were standing in front of the palace and all of its grandeur. The site was just spectacular.


After meeting another local guide and touring the palace with them, we were set free to roam the grounds. By now, our group was getting familiar and we paired up with a few of our favorite tour mates for the remainder of the day. We had lunch on the canal, explored the gardens and searched out the fountains. At every turn this property was simply incredible and it's remaining on the bucket list, we'll return again. 


Bastille Day!

Did we mention that it was Bastille Day?  We were so fortunate to visit Paris over this holiday. Sure, it was very busy but we met so many people from all over France who came to celebrate. Part of our group was lucky enough to make it to Champ de Mars to view the fireworks. Our group took to the streets filled with people and festivities. The night was electric, energy was high
and we had so much fun!

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